Prevalence of IBD in Hong Kong

All prevalent IBD cases from 13 hospitals between Jan 1, 2011 to Apr 30, 2014 were enrolled and entered into a Web-based database. Patients aged 18 or over will be enrolled in the study. 2198 IBD cases were identified, including 1337 (61 %) Ulcerative Colitis (UC), 826 (38%) Crohn’s Disease (CD), and 35 (1.0%) indeterminate.

There were more male than female patients with CD and UC. Median age at diagnosis was 38 years for all patients. Patients with CD were more likely to be younger (median age 40 years) than those with UC (median age 53 years); 59% of patients with IBD were male and 41% were female. A family history of IBD was reported in 2.7% of patients.


IBD patients identified will be consented for inclusion in the biobank. 2 bottles of 3 ml EDTA blood will be stored for genetic analysis in the future. Genetic results will not be made available to individual subjects in a future date as there is no evidence to support genetic testing for risk prediction in routine practice, but these large scale genetic results will be useful to identify relevant future therapeutic targets for the treatment of IBD. They will also help with the possible discovery in the future of genes that cause IBD. Also, stool sample will be collected for microbiological analysis.

Patient Information sheet (Chinese)
Patient Information sheet (English)