Hong Kong Principal Investigator:
Professor Siew NG
Siew Ng is Associate Professor at the Department of Medicine and Therapeutics, Chinese University of Hong Kong. She is the recipient of numerous research prizes from the United Kingdom, Europe, United States and Asia-Pacific for outstanding research contributions. She leads the Nixon-TAM IBD Registry in Hong Kong. Her current research interests focus on the epidemiology, role of microbiota, epigenetics and disease outcome in IBD.

Hong Kong Project Coordinators
Ms Jessica CHING
Jessica is employed as the Clinical Research Manager at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Ms Tiffany CHUNG
Tiffany is employed as a Senior research assistant at the Chinese University of Hong Kong where her main role is to facilitate the development of the IBD NixonTAM IBD Registry.

Ms Catherine IU
Catherine is employed as a research assistant at the University of Hong Kong where her main role is to facilitate the development of the IBD NixonTAM IBD Registry.

UK Principal Investigator
Dr. Marcus Harbord
Dr. Hannah Gordon
UK IBD Nixon Twin and Multiplex Registry:

Other Hong Kong Investigators:
Hong Kong East Cluster (HKE):
Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital (PYNEH)

Principal Investigator: Dr. LEUNG Chi Man
Co-Investigator: Ms. LAU Wing Sze

Hong Kong West Cluster (HKW):
Queen Mary Hospital (QMH)

Principal Investigator: Prof. LEUNG Wai Keung
Dr. Judy HO
Dr. Ivan HUNG

Kowloon East Cluster (KE):
United Christian Hospital (UCH)

Principal Investigator: Dr. LO Fu Hang

Tseung Kwan O Hospital (TKOH)
Principal Investigator: Dr. Steven TSANG
Dr. CHOW Chi Wing
Ms. Rita LEUNG
Ms. Vivian TSANG

Kowloon Central Cluster (KC):
Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH)

Principal Investigator: Dr. SZE Shun Fung Alex
Dr. HUI Yee Tak
Dr. LAM Sing

Kowloon West Cluster (KW):
Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH)

Principal Investigator: Dr. Carmen NG
Co-Investigator: Dr. Marc WONG

Kwong Wah Hospital (KWH)
Principal Investigator: Dr. LOO Ching Kong
Dr. LAM Chung Yan Belsy
Dr. TONG Wai Hung Raymond

Caritas Medical Centre (CMC)
Principal Investigator: Dr. SHAN Hok Shing Edwin
Dr. CHAN Yiu Kay
Dr. NG Ching Yan Annie
Dr. SAY Chun Yu
Dr. WONG Wai Chuen
Dr. YEUNG Wing Yin Angela

Yan Chai Hospital (YCH)
Principal Investigator: Dr. CHOW Wai Hung
Co-Investigator: Dr. WONG Sai Ho

New Territories East Cluster (NTE):
Prince of Wales Hospital (PWH)

Principal Investigator: Professor Siew NG
Prof. Justin WU
Dr. Heyson CHAN
Dr. Sunny WONG
Dr. CHOW Chung Mo

Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital (AHNH)
Principal Investigator: Dr. AJ HUI

North District Hospital (NDH)
Principal Investigator: Dr. CHAN Kam Hon
Co-Investigator: Dr. MAK Lai Yee Karen

New Territories West Cluster (NTW):
Tuen Mun Hospital (TMH)

Principal Investigator: Dr. Michael LI